About us

Knaughty Log Company is more than a home decor company... we're a home statement company.

Nothing is more personal than your home and everything that goes on inside of it is a reflection of you and your families personality and style. For folks that believe in the long standing, good ol' american way of hard work and perseverance... nothing says "Look out world, I'm coming for you." more than high quality, rugged log furniture enhancing your home.

We believe that our surroundings shape who we are and how we feel. Waking up everyday to a house of stout and beautiful log furniture helps solidify a daily motivation to take each day by storm. It's heftiness reinforcing the belief of a strong moral compass... It's stark beauty silently reminding to appreciate nature... It's distinct aroma intensifying the feeling of home.

As a team of two best friends our goal is to make furniture people are truly proud to put and show off in their homes. We design with the belief that we can accomplish anything dreamt up in our heads or yours and hope you'll find as much value in these quality log furniture products as we do.