Our Process

Step #1: Planning Your Perfect Bed Frame

At Knaughty Log Co, this process is all about you. If you're looking for something a little different than our standard design, we want to get your exact desires for the perfect bed frame— and then make exactly that. We show you the custom frames we’ve made before. And then we get your hopes and dreams for what this piece will mean for your room. After the vision for the piece has been confirmed, we bring it to life.

Step #2: Log Selection

Our bed frames are made with Eastern Red Cedar. Cedar is one of the best woods to build with, due to its incredible strength. It also has natural rot, decay and insect repellants.

Eastern Red Cedar is a tan wood with a beautiful red color at its core. It is unlike any other wood used for custom furniture, and it’s why we prefer it.

We select older logs that have been significantly weathered. We are very environmentally conscious and make sure we do not cut trees that are vital to the surrounding ecosystem, and continued growth of the forest.



Step #3: Weathering

Once we pick the perfect log for your new bed frame, we leave them out in the weather for 2-3 months. In the heat… the rain… the wind… everything. This glues the bark to the log, so when we strip it later, it gives the trademark rustic design, and proves the piece is 100% hand-made.


Step #4: Drying

After the logs have weathered we place them in our drying room. They stay here for several more months until their moisture content is below 30%. This is top furniture level dryness, and ensures the wood and tenons don’t expand or shrink years down the road. It’s because of how careful we are in this drying stage, that we can guarantee your bed frame for life.


Step #5: Hand Stripping

Everything at the Knaughty Log Company is done by hand. Every single piece has the total care and attention to detail that only a passionate craftsman can bring. It’s why your bed frame is 100% unique— unlike anything else in the world (that’s why anyone who sees it will go “WOW”).

The bark has been sealed the log through the weathering process. Strip it off by hand reveals the rustic character of the red cedar below. It’s at this point the beautiful red of the heart of the log reveals itself.


Step #6: Sanding Logs Smooth

After the log has been stripped of bark, we sand it at least three different times, with three different grits. This ensures the wood is smooth to the touch, and eliminates risk of splinters. We generally use a 60 grit, 120 and then 220 grit.


Step #7: Clear Coat

We use an indoor/outdoor water based spar-urethane sprayed on in 3-5 even coats, gradually getting thicker as they go on for more protection and usability. 

Step #8: Assembly

After the logs are cleared and cured, we do a “dry assembly” in-house. This is where we put together your bed frame to make sure it’s sturdy, level, and looks great. (Which they all do) Then we dissemble it and carefully load it into pallets for delivery. Everything is well protected with almost a full roll of bubble wrap and will require assembly upon delivery.  Contact Us Today - Click Here - About Personal Delivery and Install.



 We do not build “cheap” furniture— our bed frames are absolutely beautiful, made 100% by hand, and incredibly sturdy. That’s why they come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

If any problems come up with your bed, any damage relating to the work we did on it, or ANY shrinkage or warping occurs… we will either fix it on our dime, or refund you completely.