Live Edge Hairpin Slab Table

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Slab Thickness

Sofa 48" 10-14" 30" 2" Thick
Coffee 42" 14-18" 20"
2" Thick
Desk 48" 20-24" 30"
2" Thick
Dining 60" 30-34" 30"
2" Thick
Bench 48" 10-14" 20"
2" Thick
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    • Natural, Live Edge Sides: Capture nature's beauty in its purest form with the natural live edges. Coffee & Dining tables feature 2 gorgeous live edge sides while our Sofa & Desk tables can feature the live edge on both sides or just one, allowing it to sit flush against the wall.
    • Industrial Hairpin Legs: Simply elegant hairpin legs give it a modern yet classic look, all at the same time. 18" tall legs put your coffee table at the ideal 20" height and 28" tall legs put your sofa, desk or dining table at a comfortable 30" tall with the thickness of the slab.
    • Stunning Pop of Color: The gorgeous Eastern Red Cedar these tables are made from will bring a pop of natural color to any room. The red/orange color spectrum from the heart of this wood fades into the more natural, tan/brown, wood tones towards the edges and is sure to draw everyone's attention.
    • Superior Durability & Low VOC: Finished with 3-5 coats of an industrial grade, low VOC, water based, clear semi-gloss polyurethane to protect against water, stains & UV rays without looking too shiny.
    • Subtle Cedar Scent: We leave the bottom side unfinished to allow the faint aroma of Cedar to remind you of nature, every time you walk by.
    • Lifetime Warranty ☆: We stand behind everything we make 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied or our craftsmanship fails, we will replace it... no questions asked and free of charge.


    If your question is not answered below, feel free to reach out and we will get back to you ASAP with an answer!

    Do you sell only the slab?

    Yes we do! If you would like to source your own legs or simply use the slab for another purpose, you can use the coupon code "NOLEGS" at checkout and save 12% on your order!

    How many people does the dining table seat?

    The standard dining table length of 60" fits 4-6 people comfortably.

    Will the surface be smooth?

    Yes and no. Yes, we finish each piece to a smooth-to-the-touch finish, but there is always the possibility for an all natural slab of wood to have small cracks, crevices or holes. We fill these small imperfections with a CA glue to get the surface as smooth and uniform as possible.

    Is it one solid slab of wood?

    Tables over 18" wide may have 1, 2 or even 3 slabs joined together based on desired width, while maintaining the live edge on both sides. We can't guarantee solid slabs as availability and inventory changes constantly.

    Do you offer benches for the dining tables?

    Yes! Just add a dining table to your cart and you will see the option to add a matching bench. (they are made a few inches shorter to slide nicely under the table)

    How much is shipping?

    Everything ships FREE in the USA!

    What kind of wood do you use?

    We use local, reclaimed Eastern Red Cedar exclusively. It has a unique natural beauty and we have fallen in love with its colors and character!

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I love my new desk
One of a kind
Beautiful, one of a kind, and smells wonderful!!!
Cedar coffee table.


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